Welcome to Taylor Spring

Taylor Spring is a dynamic company rich in history.
For all of our 60-plus years of manufacturing the finest springs and coils,
we have been family owned and operated. We don’t just come to work, do our job and go home.
We live and breathe the business, and it shows.

From your first call to us, to receiving your product on time,

you’ll know you’re working with people you can trust with your business.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

Taylor Spring Manufacturing Company offers production in short, medium
and long runs – with no minimum quantities. We can provide color-code,
many plating types or special packaging as required, and we can also stock
finished products for long-term purchasing/inventory commitments.

The involvement of our quality department ensures every customer’s
specification is met. Our ability to use Statistical Process Control
throughout production, electronic sorters for quality assurance, and
thorough quality control testing procedures means products will meet
your tolerance and performance requirements.

Extension Springs

rotating image

Reduced Handling and Storage

Springs can often become tangled and distorted when bulk packed
which cause problems in handling and production. To solve these problems,
Taylor Spring Manufacturing Company offers custom packaging and bar-coding
to insure your springs reach their final destination and are ready for use.