Taylor Spring is a family owned and operated spring manufacturing company in Chicago with a history stretching back nearly 70 years.

We’re your partner in spring and wire form manufacturing, with unmatched flexibility in the industry. Why? Because we utilize unparalleled work ethic and harness our capabilities to the maximum—all while providing the absolute highest quality products.


Compression Springs

Wire sizes from .005″ to .196″

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Extension Springs

Wire sizes from .020″ to .236″

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Torsion Springs

Wire sizes from .020″ to .236″

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Wire Forms

Diameters from .020″ to .236″

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Gauges from6 AWG to 30 AWG

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Secondary Department

From coatings to custom packaging

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2 months ago

Taylor Spring Mfg. Co.

When tomorrow is turkey day and you’re trying to get your work done beforehand…

This is our Wafios FUL 36 running a simple ring at over 30,000 pieces per hour! This video also shows slow-mo towards the end.
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